Right Place, Right Time

Right on time Rocky Widner/NBAE

Right on time Rocky Widner/NBAE

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – When the credits rolled on the wild and crazy Summer of 2010, the names Dorrell Wright and Hakim Warrick were barely legible compared to the bold type afforded guys like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Amar’e Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer, Joe Johnson, David Lee and many others.

Yet when the midseason report cards get handed out, both Wright and Warrick will be on the honor roll.

While some of the more high-profile movers from the summer are still trying to settle into their new digs, Wright (in Golden State) and Warrick (Phoenix) have made seamless transitions with their new teams.

It’s clearly a case of the right player being in the right place at just the right time. The 19th pick in their respective drafts (Wright in 2004 and Warrick in 2005), neither player had found the right fit, until now. And their new teams are reaping the rewards of these unions in ways their former teams wish they could. Read more of this post


Bulls turn to a group of guards to fill hole left by legend


Keith Bogans is averaging a little over 25 minutes a game this season.

Keith Bogans is averaging a little over 25 minutes a game this season.

CHICAGO — Maybe it’s that statue outside of United Center, the one that immortalizes the greatest player ever to man his particular position that sets expectations high before people even enter the building.

Maybe it’s the wish list the Chicago Bulls have kept updated ever since Michael Jordan left for good in 1998, the one with his hoped-for replacements (Tracy McGrady, Eddie Jones, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade) written large at the top. Read more of this post

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